Black light decorations - How to decorate a black light party?

How to make black light party decorations?

When decorating for a black light glow party keep in mind that it is all about the neon colours. The more neon color you can add to the black light party area the more things that will glow and the more exciting everything will look. Below is a huge list of ideas that you may want to pick from to make as many things glow as possible at your glow in the dark black light party!

Which black lights are best for glow parties?

We believe that the only way to ensure everything glows at your black light glow party is to surround the party in Ultraviolet light. The Glowave™ black light kit is the best solution for this. Each kit contains four long length LED black light strips. This allows you to put one black UV black light on each wall of the room, ensuring a bright glow from all directions with no dark spots. Click here to learn more about the Glowave™ black light glow party kit.

Which balloons to use for a black light party?

Every party needs balloons and a black light glow party is no different. Look for balloons specifically labelled as neon as they will not glow unless they are a very bright fluorescent color. The thicker the balloon the better it will work. We often find that the balloons glow very brightly before they are blown up. As you blow air into the balloon the rubber stretches which also stretches the color making the glow a little less bright. Stick to thicker/better quality balloons to help prevent this. We have added some examples from amazon below.

How to decorate furniture for a black light glow party?

Don't forget to add color to your glow party by decorating your glow party furniture. The easiest way to do this is to buy rolls of different coloured neon fabric. Cut the fabric into suitable sizes and use it as table cloths or to wrap your chairs. If you have lots of fabric you can wrap the whole chair. If you only have a small amount of fabric, cut it into thinner strips and tie bows on the back of the chairs. Be careful when buying plastic table cloths. We have often found that even though a table cloth may be white or neon coloured (and you might assume it will glow) the plastic material will not absorb the black light the way neon fabric will. To avoid disappointment we recommend using cotton or polyester materials rather than plastic.

Below are photos of furniture decorated for a halloween glow party

Click here for more information about Black light decorations for Halloween!


How to decorate a ceiling fan for a black light party?

This is a very cool trick that will impress your glow party guests. Buy some neon paper or cardboard and use it the wrap around the blades of a ceiling fan. You can either wrap each blade in a different colour to get the cool effect below or wrap the inside part of each blade in one colour, the middle part of each blade in a different colour and the outside part of each blade in a third colour, to end up with the fan spinning a rainbow like circle.


How to make black light party posters?

Making posters is a great way to decorate a black light party as you can make them with personalized messages or themes e.g. Happy birthday Timmy! or Happy Halloween! 

To make your own black light posters simply buy some poster paper in either white, black or fluorescent colors and paint party signs, messages, or themed images in neon colored paints. If you paint on a black piece of poster paper the paint will really stand out on the dark background. If you paint on neon or white poster paper the poster will glow as well as the paint. 

Posters using glow in the dark coloring books

There are certain kinds of coloring books which are awesome for glow parties as the background of the images are black. This means that only the areas between the black lines will glow when you color them in. You can color these in quickly with some awesome colours without worrying too much about staying within the lines. Rip them out of the book and stick them all over the walls to show off your mad skills. You can also find images online to print and color in. Highlighters will work fine for coloring (green, yellow, pink and orange colours work best - often blue, purple or red highlighters don't glow, although depending on the ink, you may get lucky with some brands).


Black light party streamers 

When I think of party decorations streamers always come to mind. Unfortunately we have found that most party streamers are not made of a suitable color or material to glow well underneath black lights. The neon pink colored streamers usually work but we have not had good results with the green, orange, and yellow colors. Rather than waste money on product that doesn't glow we suggest you cut and tie long thin strips of neon fabric together that you can hang like regular streamers. You can also use neon flagging tape (see below).

Neon flagging tape 

Neon flagging tape is a non adhesive tape that is used for marking objects. It is often used as a safety measure to highlight objects and safety hazards. As such neon flagging tape is produced in very bright colors most of which should glow underneath black lights. You can use neon flagging tape to decorate all sorts of things by wrapping it around objects such as posts and beams around your house. You can make an awesome centre piece for the room by wrapping a hola hoop in neon flagging tape. Hang the hola hoop from the ceiling in the centre of the room with different colors hanging down in a circle.

Black light reactive plates, cups and cutlery 

You can find and purchase special neon coloured plates, cups and cutlery that are designed to glow underneath black lights. They look pretty awesome. These items can be difficult to find in some towns and countries however (we find them hard to source in Australia for example). If you cannot find items that are designed to glow under black lights a good idea is to buy neon colored stickers and stick them to the outside of your plastic cups and plates. We often purchase neon sticker dots from a stationary store and add a bunch of them in various colours on our table and drink ware.


How to make a neon dance floor for your black light party?

 You can make a really cool looking neon dance floor for your glow party using rolls of neon tape. Simply stick the tape to the floor in a square pattern using various colours.

Glow in the dark drinks

You can even decorate your food and drinks so they glow. Click here for drink recipes that glow in the dark.

Glow in the dark bottles 

Print funny labels for your drinks. Colour them in and stick them to your drink bottles/liquor bottle. See below for examples.


Glow in the dark black light costumes 

Don't forget to tell your guests to dress up in their coolest or craziest neon or white colors! Decorating the people at the party is just as important as decorating the glow party itself. Click here for more advice on What to wear to a glow party!

Want to learn more about black light parties?

Click the link or picture below for a full black light party guide. Everything you need to know about setting up black lights, games to play under black lights, costumes to wear and so much more.