Black Light UV Glow Party Kits

How to throw a blacklight party

A UV blacklight glow party is an incredibly fun and visually spectacular way to host a neon event or celebration. 

Glowave™ black light neon glow party kits utilize the latest LED UV lighting technology to provide the best possible set up for your glow in the dark parties.

The LED black lights have been designed so that your guests can be easily surrounded by UV light from all directions. Each pack contains 4 black light strips which are each 2m (6.5ft) long with 120 powerful UV black lights per strip. Our LED chips are SMD5050 and they have 3 LED diodes in one housing (sometimes called tri-chips), and are a lot brighter than the cheap individual 3528 LED chips. The large length of each black light strip ensures much greater coverage of UV black light than traditional outdated blacklight bulbs and tubes.

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How to set up black lights

The Glowave™ UV light kits are incredibly easy to set up in any location. The LED strips are lightweight and come with an adhesive backing so putting them up is as simple as sticking them to the walls and plugging them directly into a power socket (there are no special electrical sockets or fittings required).


Black lights have a range of fun uses, some of which include: Private parties, kid's parties, adult parties, youth events, nightclub events, bar lighting, DJ lighting, stage and performance lighting, film and television effects, fundraising events, school dances, Halloween decorations, glow fun runs, church events, camp activities, social club and sports party gatherings, motor cycle clubs, and college parties. 


The black lights are reusable with a 30,000 hour lifespan. If the adhesive backing on the back of the LED lights loses its grip, The lightweight design of the lights makes it easy to stick the lights to the walls using sticky tack or sticky tape, when the adhesive backing loses its grip from repeated use. 

LED safety, storage and durability

Glowave™ UV light strips are made of a flexible break resistant material. The 2m long black lights roll up into a small box which is easy to store when not in use. The ultra violet LED lights do not get overly hot and could not burn your skin. 

In comparison, traditional black light bulbs and black light tubes are made of glass. They are easily smashed creating a dangerous safety hazard. After a period of time in use the glass heats up and can burn the skin if touched. Their bulky size and fragile nature make them difficult to store.

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Black light specifications 

  • WATTS - 28.8W PER LIGHT, 
  • WAVELENGTH - 395-405NM,  
  • HIGH LUMENS - 20,000-30,000MCD PER STRIP,  
  • For use in a weather protected area (undercover).


Blacklight kit contents 

  • 4 x 6.5 feet long (2m) UV LED backlight strips (26 feet of lights in total - 8m), 
  • Adhesive backing,
  • 2 x 12v 5a power adapters (CE, SAA, FCC, ROHS, EMC approved), 
  • 2 x splitter cables.

How many black lights do I need?

The more black lights you purchase the brighter your neon party supplies will glow. Blacklight LED lighting is up to 80% more cost-efficient and comes with an amazingly long lifespan compared to conventional lighting.

Many people start out by trying the low cost black light bulbs or tubes. While this may save money the results are often disappointing. If you wish to fill an average sized lounge room, depending on the brand,  you could need up to 30 black light bulbs or as many as 8 black light tubes to get the same effect as one Glowave™ LED Black light kit. Click here for more information on the types of black lights available and how many black lights you will need to fill a room.

Unless you go with the incandescent bulbs (which are generally terrible), any number of black lights will work at a party. If you have a small budget don't be frightened away thinking you need a huge number of black lights. Some black lights will be better than none at all. If however you have a bit more money to spend you are best to try and position a black light on each wall of the room or party space to surround your party in ultraviolet light. The Glowave™ black light kits are definitely the easiest choice. You will only need one Glowave™ kit for a normal sized living area/lounge room inside your house. One kit for a single lock up garage. One kit for most outdoor patio areas etc. For a double lock up garage, large outdoor entertaining areas or two rooms of your house you probably want to consider two Glowave™ black light kits (8 lights in total).


We recently did a test to find out exactly how many of the Glowave™ black light glow party kits you would need to light up a full size basketball court/tennis court. This will also give you a good indication for most school halls or dance halls. We discovered that four Glowave™ kits on a basketball court did the job perfectly ensuring that there were no dark spots on the court. Wall to wall the court was 34m (111ft) long by 17m (56ft) wide. We positioned the 6.5ft long lights along the walls with spacings of about 10ft between each light and every area of the court received an excellent amount of the UV light. You would still get reasonable results using only three Glowave™ kits but the areas in the centre of the court will not be quite as bright due to the reduced quantity of lights. Head to our buy now page to view our discounts for ordering more than one glow kit.


Glow Party Venue - Where to have a black light party

Glowave™ glow party kits can be set up in almost any dark space or location. With the right decorations and costumes you can instantly transform any space with an explosion of bright white and neon colors. Glow party raves are best suited to night time events without interference from white light. On a dark night you can host your party indoors or outdoors. If you decide you want to have a day time event, this can be achieved by hosting the party indoors and using blackout curtains or black plastic to cover the window and doors where light enters the room. Popular locations for glow parties include lounge rooms, living rooms, garages, carports, basements, bars, indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, under marquees, gazebos, nightclubs, bars, halls, sheds etc.

Glowave™ LED Black lights VS Black light bulbs VS black light tubes

A quick comparison list to demonstrate all the reasons why the Glowave™ LED ultra violet black lights are far superior to the older style black light bulbs or black light tubes. There is no better choice for your ultra violet neon party lighting. 

- LED Black lights are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
- Black light LED's are not made of glass. They will not smash and present an expensive safety hazard.
- Each LED is 6.5ft (2m) in length allowing full coverage of UV light to reach every part of the room.
- LED black lights do not require special electrical sockets or expensive fittings which are difficult to install.
- One 6.5ft (2m) LED black light will produce more UV black light in an area than multiple black light bulbs or black light tubes.
- Black light LED's roll up into a small box for easy storage. Tubes & bulbs are bulky and break easily, making storage difficult.
- LED strip lights have a longer life span than black light bulb or black light tubes.

- If you only have a very small space to light up and are not looking for a super bright glow then black light bulbs or tubes may be your answer. Click here for more information and to purchase black light tubes and bulbs.

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