Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorating using black lights UV

Below you will find tips, suggestions, pictures and videos to give you ideas on how to decorate your house with black lights and how to host your own kick ass Halloween glow party.

When decorating your house for halloween there is no better accessory then the Glowave™ black light glow party kit.

Using these lights you will be guaranteed to have one of the most eye-catching and exciting houses in your street. 

Halloween decorations typically come in bright orange, neon green and white colors all of which will pop with stunning brightness underneath the Glowave™ Black light kit.

The lights emanate with an eery glow which will spook and impress all the trick or treaters in your neighborhood.

Black light decorating ideas videos!

UV Glow party halloween decorations

Below is a list of decorations that you may wish to consider to help your UV Halloween party look incredible. You will find all of these items in the pictures on this page.

  • Spiderwebs (available in white, green and orange)
  • Orange tablecloths (fabric tends to glow better than plastic tablecloths)
  • Print halloween signs and posters and add neon color to them using highlighter pens
  • Make your own posters on white paper (or neon if available)
  • Stick posters up using neon sticker dots
  • Use neon pens or highlighters to add different colors to any of  your halloween decorations
  • Hang pirate flags with white skulls (we colored the skulls teeth in neon colors)

  • Hang large sheets of black plastic to darken your area and then spray paint designs using neon colored paints.
  • Paint tombstones with UV reacting neon paints and place them out the front of your house or in your gardens.- 
  • Wrap chairs and couches with neon colored materials.
  • Make a mummy by wrapping a dummy, mannequin or teddy bear in bright white toilet paper. Draw scary eyes.
  • Drip red food coloring onto white clothes or the mummy below for a scary blood like effect.
  • Create other creepy characters by dressing pillows or mannequins in white or fluorescent clothing (see our creepy chef, and afro man with glowing devil dog for examples)
  • There are no limits to what you can create! Use your imagination and share your pictures with us!

Why are Glowave™ black lights perfect for Halloween? 

The Glowave™ black light LED strips are perfect for decorating your home as the lights are easy to install on almost any surface. They are lightweight and come with an adhesive backing that allows you to stick the lights to any clean surface. You can place the lights on walls, ceilings, windows, posts, doors, archways, etc. The lights are flexible and allow you to bend them up to 90 degrees. The light strips are weatherproof so you can set them up outside your house in the trees and shrubs, on letterboxes, columns, pickets, or along the edge of your walkways and paths.

Halloween costumes for black light glow parties

To make your Halloween black light rave complete you must remind your friends to add neon colors to their Halloween costumes. We suggest you buy fluorescent materials for the clothing and neon pens and paints to decorate your face and body. Bright white cotton clothing works really well too.

Monster vomits glowing vodka energy into a punch bowl

Certain drinks such as tonic water and energy drinks containing vitamin B glow underneath the Glowave black lights. This allows you to make some spectacular looking drinks at the bar and also allows you to make some pretty hilarious and amazing props. Using a spooky mask, some colorful clothes and a small water pump, we were able to make a ghoul bartender that continuously vomits bright yellow, vodka energy drinks into a large punch bowl. Deliciously disgusting! 


Don't forget your Black Lights!

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