How to have a black light glow party during the day and why you should

Can I have a black light party during the day?

Yes it is very easy to have a black light glow party during the day and there are many reason why you should. All you need to do is create a dark space and buy some quality UV black lights. We highly recommend the Glowave™ black light glow party kit.


How to have a black light party during the daytime?

If you want to have a black light glow party during the day you will need to create a dark space. Start by select an indoor party location. Ideally you want to find a room in your house that lets in as little light as possible. The less windows and glass doors you have the less work you will need to do covering them up. Daytime glow parties can often work well in sheds, and garages, as they tend to have less windows and the entryway can be blocked off by the solid roller door or panel lift door. A basement may also be a good choice as these tend to be fairly dark to begin with.

Once you have selected the space you will need to use either block out curtains or rolls of thick black plastic to block any light coming through the windows and doors. Black plastic will be the cheapest method. It comes in large rolls for builders to use during construction. You will find these rolls of black plastic at a local hardware store or home depot (or use the Amazon links below). Ensure the curtain or black plastic is pressed up against the walls or window edges so that light doesn't come in around the side. If you are using curtains, use something to fill the gap between the wall and the curtain rod so that light doesn't creep in through the top.  

The last step is to create a doorway that will block out light but that you can walk through. You can do this by hanging a few sheets of black plastic from the top of the door and cutting vertical strips upwards from the bottom towards the top. If you use more than one sheet of black plastic and stagger the cuts you will get the best results and let in the least amount of light. Your guests will be able to push their way through the black plastic slits and the opening will close back up once they are through.   

Which black lights to use for your daytime glow party?

Once you have a dark enough space any black lights designed for parties should do the trick. Some however are better than others. We suggest the Glowave™ glow party kit as this comes with four long length lights, allowing you to put one on each wall to surround the party in ultra violet light. UV canons tend to blast the light into your guest's face from one point and often leave parts of the room not exposed to the UV light. The Glowave™ black lights are the easiest to set up, as they stick to the walls without requiring any special fittings, and they will not break if someone bumps into them, like the older style glass bulbs and fluorescent tubes will. 

Why you should have a daytime black light glow party?

Black light parties for kids

Black light glow parties often get overlooked as an idea for young children as parents think that the glow parties will only work at night time. As I have detailed above, this is incorrect and unfortunately kids miss out as a result.

By having a daytime glow party you can give your kid's all the joy and wonder of black lights without interrupting their important sleep patterns.

Colors and happiness

Color can have a significant impact on our mood and happiness. Studies have shown that bright colors can make people feel more energetic and happy, while dull colors can make people feel sad or depressed. Apart from it symbolizing the calm after a storm, there is a reason why people love to see a rainbow. They enjoy the range of colors. Inside a glow party the colors will be visually spectacular, and unlike anything they have ever experienced.  They will feel like they are stepping into a magical wonderland of color and excitement.

 Sensory play

Sensory play is an important aspect of a child's development. Children use their senses to explore and try to make sense of the world around them through, touch, smell, taste, seeing, moving and hearing. Sensory play is critical to a child's brain development. Black lights facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. Below is a photo of a child happily playing and creating objects with glowing play doh underneath black lights. Click here to learn how to make glowing play doh.  

Black light parties for adults

There are two main reasons why you should have a glow party during the day for adults. First of all, if you plan to have a drink, day time drinking in my opinion is always the most fun. You have all day to enjoy yourself without worrying about the time and you can usually get to bed at a regular hour to help reduce the following days hangover. 

Secondly, one of the most fun things about black light glow parties is that you can draw and paint amazing glowing designs and temporary tattoos on your bodies. Day time parties are warmer, so people are more likely to strip down and give you a larger canvas for you body art designs. Doesn't a glow party with minimal clothing and lots of body paint sound like a better option to you? Maybe it's just me ;)


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