Jello Wrestling

Jello Wrestling packages for sale - Make a jello pool for your next party or event!

At Glow Party World we sell the very best jello wrestling supplies. Our products allow you to make bulk jello for use in wrestling, games, challenges and/or fun run obstacles. The products are specially designed to make set up super easy. Just add water to your jello wrestling pool and stir in the jello mix to make a huge 100 gallons of jello (380L). No need for boiling water or refrigeration. For more information visit our partners at Jello Wrestling Supply.

What is Jello Wrestling? 

Ever since old man 'Blue Pulasky' wrestled two naked ladies in a jelly pit in the 2003 movie 'Old School', jelly, or jello wrestling, has become a top item on the bucket list of thousands of people around the world. It's fair to say these days that a college experience can not be considered complete until a student has attended and participated in at least one jello wrestling party. Jelly wrestling has become one of the most sort-after attractions at bachelor parties, it is a perfect way to ensure you never forget a milestone birthday party, and a jello wrestling pool can easily be used to raise money in a number of hilarious ways for charitable causes.

Buy Jello Wrestling Jello

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Jello Wrestling Rules 

There are many different ways to run a jello wrestling competition or tournament and there are lots of games you can play in jello other than just wrestling. Click here for a detailed list of jello games and jello wrestling rules.

Buying a Jello wrestling pool - Which pools are the best for jello wrestling?

There are many options when searching for a Jello Wrestling pool to use with our Jello Wrestling Crystals.

With any inflatable pool there is a chance the pool may get a puncture, especially considering the action in a pool full of jello can get quite rough. For this reason we recommend you purchase a three ringed pool. That way, if one ring deflates you still have two rings holding the jello pool up. We have never been to an event where all three rings have deflated together which means the bulk of the jello has always remained in the pool.

We believe the best pools available for jello wrestling are the 110 inch octagonal pools. These pools are a little larger than most which gives you plenty of room to toss each other around in the jello and also allows room for extra people to get in on the action. The pools have a 477 gallon capacity. We recommend you purchase 2 to 3 bags of jello for a pool this size to fill the pool around half way.

If you are on a slightly tighter budget the 120" x 72" pools are your next best bet. They are just as long but not as wide. The pools are a bit cheaper and also you will not require as much jello. These pools are still a great size for one on one jello wrestling fights. The capacity is 262 gallons. One bag of jello will fill the pool a little under half way which is generally plenty for slippery jello wrestling games.

For your convenience we have listed some links to help you source a pool.